Grow with me

Hey everyone! Welcome once again. It is a privilege to be able to write and create a story for others to read. It is also a process. Many times we read a book by an author and we wonder what made them write this or what made them write that. It is interesting to know someone write out what they were thinking and it made sense to you.

Every author goes through a growth process. The more they write the more confident and fulfilling the stories become. For example, a great book series will get better from book to book just any author grows from book to book. It is like learning to walk, you move forward until you find that rhyme and then you real take off. I remember my niece getting ready to take her first steps. She would test the balance of her leg. Even fall on purpose to see what the risk was in falling. As we laughed with her with each fall she figured the risk was minimal, then one day she took off and you could hear her running throughout the house. It was unmistakable when she was heading your way because she had found her step and was making her presence know.

I believe this too is the way of the author, to find your step and take off. Let the world know your presence and demand to be known. So as you read my books know you are watching my growth and I am happy to learn to walk with you by my step. Enjoy the journey, I know am I.

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