J’s Song

J’s Song
Jose knows he is no longer living life, but how can he? 
He has lost what mattered most. Tina was his world and his world was 
taken from him all too soon and he his no one to blame but himself. 
But maybe,just maybe there is such a thing as a second chance,J is open
 for the first time in three years to take a chance if it will come.
Farrah Just wants to be loved and cherished. She has always chosen the 
Wrong guy, but now she is hoping that J is what her heart has been 
Waiting for. The right guy, just with a new set of flaws.
Lucky for J Life has just been waiting for him to open his heart and 
There is a surprise just waiting to give him the life he used to dream of. 
Farrah holds all the answers in her heart, but will the two get in the 
way of what has been waiting for them Or can they let love conquer all.