Hey! Welcome to my website.

I am honored that you have come to read my books and be a part of my site. There are so many things I want to share with you and I know you will enjoy them all. Just like you a love a good book and it is a pleasure to be on the creative side of the experience. I am sitting now at my laptop with a cup of hot chocolate getting ready to dive into the world of Tali, Alex and their family. If you don’t know who they are yet then you are welcome to click on Books or Book Series to find Destiny and Destiny II to learn all about them. Who don’t enjoy love, drama and some shopping?


Looking around enjoy yourself and pick a book or a few now that you are here. Perhaps you want to go on and run through all the collections. There is a new treats in each, from the world of the NFL, to the street and even some mob action. Surrender to your inner reader and get into a few good reads.

I love you to life for joining me in this journey and allowing my love of right to bless your precious time. I value you for your support.

Evei Lattimore

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